Guide hired to lead people across the desert.


Tillo is a young, but competent guide from the lower class of Selevan society. Those who ply their trades outside the city proper are deemed “unfit” for polite society, so even those who amass some wealth are somewhat outcast. Barely above a common field laborer, guides give a much needed service leading merchants, political envoys and other travelers through the dangerous steppes and deserts leading to the city.

Tillo is young, not even old enough to be considered a full adult, but is already a very competent guide. He knows the best routes to never stray too far from water, food, and possible shelter, and how to avoid the roving bands of bandits or worse. He must be reminded on occasion, however, that at his age, he doesn’t know all there is to know about his profession. His pride can also sometimes override his good sense, leading him into a bit more danger than a guide should let himself get into.


Tillo, son of Levus, was raised in the lower castes of Selevan society. His father was a guide, and his father before him. A respectable trade among the lower castes, but still, as they work outside the city, considered “outcast” from the middle and upper classes. Still, Tillo had a pride for the profession instilled in him from very young. As just a whelp he was accompanying his father on routine escorts of traders and merchants, learning the best routes, where deposits of water could be found, and how to find the signs of recent activity in the area from bandits, raiders, or warbands.

Now finally working on his own, though still very young, Tillo is quite competent. He can guide caravans through the desert with ease, and speed. However he has gained a quite obvious disdain for the kinds who often sack caravans, and interfere with his profession. Bandits, often Selevan outcasts and criminals, who will demand bribes from travelers to pass through their “territory”.


The Selevan-Dhabak Conflict subhazard