The Dhabak is a horde of insect races that lives in the vast Canisian desert.  The main race, a bipedal grasshopper race (known as the Dhabak-tah) make up the majority of the specimens. The two other major races in the Dhabak horde are the Dhabak-Khiba, and the Dhabak-Saghir, with a collection of less common races that pepper the entire Horde.

The players have met the Dhabak in the Jakeel Basin, on their way to Tyreen.  The Jakeel Horde is head by Khizar Sahlaad, the patriarch of the Sahlaad tribe.

The Dhabak society is semi-nomadic in nature.   While having a set territory, populations tend to follow herd migrations (most notably, the Canisian Desert Boars).  The Dhabak settle into Tribes which tend to fight amongst each other.  However, recently a large group of Tribes have collected into a Horde known as the Jakeel Horde, which grows in number every day.

The way Dhabak fight has been described as a 'swarm of angry bees' tending to favor horseback archery over most forms of combat.   The Dhabak Keshigs (Cavalry Archers) are comprised solely of Dhabak-tah, who have the ability to make incredible leaps into the air with their compounded legs, hover for a moment, and fire an arrow at the target. This requires a lot of energy, and typically can't be done more than once every couple of minutes.


The front line troops are comprised of Dhabak-Khiba (Large and powerful Beetle bipedals) and Dhabak-tah.  The Khiba, with their brutish strength, can charge lines of troops with ease, but tend to be quiet slow.

Not to be underestimated, the Dhabak-Saghir (Short and fragile silverfish bipedals) make up the majority of the scouts, spies, and flanking troops.  Only being a couple feet tall and being terrifyingly agile and fast, the Saghir  can exploit any weakness with speed.

Slight of frame, and cowardly, Saghir are easy to deal with on their own. Horrible in groups.


The Selevan-Dhabak Conflict subhazard